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  1. Green dashed line is the weekly support.
  2. 2. Red dashed line is the nearest weekly resistance.
  3. 3. Solid blue line is the generally rounded bottom I would like to see before making bigger strides up.
  4. 4. Solid yellow line is the daily 200EMA.
  5. 5. Solid red diagonal line was the previous trend that was broken.

  • Upper green dashed line is showing strong support here and it could be a good entry.
  • Solid diagonal green line is also showing the daily trend line is very close.
  • RSI is showing that we are edging closer to being oversold and in fact are currently sitting at about 43 RSI (14). Which is more on the bullish side of things.
  • Green dashed line is showing where the trading pair has found support and is starting to head up from here.
  • Red dashed line is showing some short-term resistance.
  • The…

UNFI Protocol Overview

First, let me start by saying there is no such thing as a “sure thing” in the crypto-verse. However, I would like to tell you about a project and why I believe it could potentially return 100x in value within the next 1–2 years.


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